My First Post

11:23 AM


Thanks for stopping in to check on me. I'm starting a blog as I'm really hoping to delve a little more into the social media world (More than I already have?). I wanted a platform that I could create content whenever I wanted to that has a little more meat to it than simply posting on Instagram or tweeting -- and YouTube isn't always that as prepping for a video can easily take an hour, plus the actual filming process, and then if I need to edit, plus get where I'm going. Enter this blog.

Here I'll be able to supplement my video content with additional information regarding a topic, share detailed information that a video may not be imperative for, or simply to chat more candidly. Either way, it's another way for me to connect more with those of you who enjoy spending a little more text time.

I have a few ideas in mind for some future posts, but if you have any additional suggestions, I'm totally game to hear them.

Looking forward to spending a bit more time with all of you. :)


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  1. Looking forward to your posts! I love your videos on YouTube.

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